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When addressing a leaking radiator, the decision to repair or replace depends on the leak’s severity and location, as well as the radiator’s overall condition. We can often repair minor, accessible leaks effectively, but if the leak indicates broader corrosion or is in a hard-to-reach spot, replacement might be more cost-effective. Before starting any work, we’ll discuss your options, detailing the advantages and costs associated with each choice, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

The time it takes to repair or replace a radiator can vary based on the specific issue and the type of equipment or vehicle. Generally, a straightforward repair might take a few hours, whereas a complete radiator replacement could take anywhere from half a day up. We always strive to minimize your downtime, and we’ll give you a more accurate timeframe after assessing the radiator condition.

Radiator failure can be caused by corrosion, clogging from sediment or contaminants, leaks from physical damage or deteriorating seals, and overheating. Using the wrong coolant or improper coolant-to-water ratio can also contribute to these problems. Regular maintenance, including check-ups and coolant changes, is essential to prevent these issues and extend the life of your radiator.

The frequency of radiator servicing can vary greatly depending on the type of equipment, its usage, and the operating conditions. Typically, we recommend a check-up at least once a year, but for equipment in high-demand or harsh environments, more frequent inspections may be necessary. We provide tailored recommendations based on a thorough evaluation of your specific equipment and duty cycle. This personalized approach ensures that your radiator maintains optimal performance and helps prevent future issues.

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